Jan 5 2013

Ginger Bread

White peppercorns

Mortar and Pestle for that Authentic Feel

This dessert was an adventure.

I returned to Boston from Texas on Thursday, which was basically an all-day travel event. I did not get the opportunity to do any shopping that night, instead opting to order in. Today (Friday) I went to three different grocery stores as I attempted to collect all the ingredients I needed for various food adventures. Things that are not normally difficult to acquire were scarce. I managed to get everything I needed, but…


Jan 2 2013

On Almonds


Shelled Almonds in a Bowl

Almonds were a staple across Medieval Europe, particularly across the Mediterranean region and extending into the Middle East. It is believed the almond tree was first introduced to England by the Romans, but cultivation did not begin to occur until much later.


Jan 1 2013

On the Medieval Diet

So, first of all, I should make a few disclaimers. I am NOT a medieval historian (although I very nearly pursued a career as a medievalist). I am NOT a nutritionist. I am NOT an expert in medieval food. I am NOT even a professional chef. Anything I post is based on my research, but should not be taken as absolute. I will always do my best to provide the best information available to me, but I can – and probably will – make mistakes. I AM very good at languages. I AM quite geeky. I DO enjoy baking and cooking. Everything I post is really for my own benefit, to track my progress over the year.

Pages from the Forme of Cury, c. 14th c CE

A Medieval Cookbook. Photograph: University of Manchester John Rylands University Library


Dec 31 2012

Welcome to the Medieval Vegetarian

NOTE: This post is wildly out-of-date now. I am retiring it shortly and will replace it with a new welcome page.

So, I am what you might call a picky eater. This is borne out of lifelong allergies coupled with good old-fashioned food fear. However, I actually enjoy food – a lot. This limited variety diet mixed with a sedentary lifestyle (my day job involves the legal field and I am an avid gamer) has made me look like most Americans. Furthermore, many members of my mother’s side of the family (including her father) have had diabetes. Read More >>